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Written by Ariel on 2. Mar, 2018
Continued good luck with the business.
Written by Joey Back on 30. Jan, 2018
Really love your site.
Written by Alexezell on 7. Aug, 2017
The website is fantastic, well done! I love the photos, really amazing.
Written by Kerrilee on 20. Jul, 2013
We can see who comes from a land of plenty. Water, grass and a shed full of Hay. Doesn't get much better than that! Good One Jeff!
Written by dario on 13. Apr, 2013
Thank you for including the beautiful images--so open to a sense of contemplation

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07.09 | 09:09

Hi looking at buying a Santa bull to put over our Hereford cows. We like P8 lot 35 at Western Downs sale can you send more information please as we are from NSW

18.09 | 10:56

We purchased LOT 9 and LOT 15 at Brisbane Valley Sale 2020 and looking forward to getting the bulls out working in our commercial herd at Nanango.

23.08 | 07:38

hopping we can come to sale to see bulls depends on virus and buy some looking forward to seeing more bull photoes maybe will have to bid on internet

19.09 | 08:49

dear Warrillee apparently I got lot 29 at the sale yesterday. Russell Gray tells me I did very well I would be grateful for a transfer to me: Kielvale 1317, ta